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Does a Martindale-Hubbel Rating Matter?

If you aren't an attorney, you may be unfamiliar with Martindale-Hubbel or understand why their ratings are so important.

In addition to being listed in all 26 editions of the prestigious publication of Best Lawyers in America, since its inception over 35 years ago through the present date, Mr. James has also been offered the highest accolades from his peers via the Martindale-Hubbel law directory.

The Highest Possible Rating from Peers

Mr. James obtained the earliest possible highest rating of “AV” in the Martindale-Hubbell law directory.

What this achievement demonstrates is that L.C. James has been held in the highest regard by others who know the law and know it well--other practicing attorneys. Not only that, but he has never wavered from these standards in all of his years practicing law.

What is an "AV" rating from Martindale-Hubbel?

“The AV rating is the highest rating granted to attorneys under the Martindale-Hubbell system. This rating indicates that the attorney’s peers rank him to be practicing law at the highest levels of excellence.”

This ranking is determined through consideration of five categories:

1. Legal knowledge

The lawyer's knowledge of the legal system, as well as specific laws surrounding his or her area of practice, in this case Family Law.

2. Analytical Capabilities

The lawyer's ability to analyze legal issues, using technical knowledge as well as creativity.

3. Judgment

The lawyer's ability to dominate all relevant factors impacting the results of an issue or a case.

4. Communication ability

The lawyer's ability to communicate persuasively and credibly.

5. Legal experience

The lawyer's specific experience within his or her area of practice, in this case Family Law.

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